Johnson, Bland and Tona Trio at Artists Quarter

A stage shot at the Artists Quarter in St Paul MN

Johnson, Bland and Tona jam

It came as a short notice gig but turned out to be a great show.  On Friday Oct 8 and Sat Oct 9 we recorded three of the greatest musicians we have had the honor to record.

Jef Lee Johnson, Michael Bland and bass player Yohannes Tona jamed at the Artist Quarter in St Paul MN.

Jef Lee Johnson

Jef Lee Johnson

Jef Lee Johnson is one of those rare musicians who ‘gets it!’ He knows how to make the music take flight-‘to go where no man has gone before.’ Besides being a truly adventurous guitarist, he’s also an outstanding composer, bass and keyboard player; blending his roots in Blues and Funk, with his love and understanding of

Jazz and Latin Music. In other words, he’s done his homework.  Jef Lee Johnson is a Philadelphia-based guitarist who is as fearless and innovative as they come.  His big-time credits include session work for the likes of Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel and McCoy Tyner, and he even had a stint in Paul Shaffer’s band on “Letterman.” But he is also capable of creating highly experimental guitar inventions that will drop your jaw.

Chaka Khan called him “a gift from God” and D’Angelo called him “the Hendrix of our generation.”

ImageBassist Yohannes Tona hails from Ethiopia, but in a short time has made a big impact on the Twin Cities music scene, playing with artists including Nachito Herrera and Stokely Williams.

Michael Bland

Michael Bland

The powerful drummer Michael Bland is internationally recognized as a long-time force with Prince. His list of credits covers acts as varied as George Benson and Soul Asylum

We are really honored to have been able to record them some of the sweetest tracks we have been a part of.