The Tisdales – LIVE

Lead by Rich Mattson and Tony Derrick, like the phoenix, The Tisdales were born from the ashes of two other Minnesota indie bands, Hotel Coral Essex and the Minneapolis Icon Ol’ Yeller. The sound they came out with is a unique blend of punk/pop/twang, and always provides a lot of fun for the crowd.
Slippery Wrench Productions had the chance to record The Tisdales at their fun little romp, pre-CD release show at the 501 Club in downtown Minneapolis and again at the Out With The New CD-release party at Cause Spirit And Soundbar in Uptown. In classic fashion they came out and blew the house down with their loud expressive music spawned and mastered on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota. While it was hard to decide which of the great songs to master and put up we finally decided on this, all giving version of Anything You Want To.
We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as the crowd at the bar and as we enjoyed recording, mixing and mastering it! If you get the chance to see these guys live, it’s worth the time, guaranteed.

Anything You Want To – LIVE